The ultimate guide to your photography session


Headshot Sessions

Our number one piece of advice is to study what the characters wear from the television shows, movies, and commercials that want to be auditioning for. Then go out and buy the same clothing. If you do this there will no question whether you are dressed right for the role.

Varying necklines, shirt styles and having many different layering options are key for a strong headshot wardrobe (ex. halter, plunge, scoope, v-neck, and crew necklines, tank tops, button downs, cardigans, varying collars and jackets, etc.). Please bring many different color options and avoid overly bright tones and shirts that lack texture.

Graphic tees with large logos and excessive patterns often do not work.

Clothes that look and feel inexpensive often do not photograph well. Textures and items which can be layered make your wardrobe more interesting. Please bring only a few basic pants/skirts such as denim, khaki, and dress pants. Shoes are not in headshots however high heels are often useful for pushing up the body and bringing out confidents. It is important that woman bring various bras that will work with your various shirt styles – strapless, pushup, and nude bras are a must.

Your clothes should be wrinkle-free and without stains. Dress or business attire should be dry-cleaned before the shoot. Headshots require minimal accessories – a few earrings, necklaces, and bracelets may add to your shoot.

Due to Covid-19, we ask that you do a pre-screening of your clothing. Sifting through excessive clothing takes away from our shoot time and is a health risk. We ask that you bring four shirts max, for every look.


Modeling/Print Shoots

Closely look at the print ads from your favorite magazines and do your best to emulate the entire outfit. In modeling and print all of the details in your clothing matter and the photograph is an expression of the sum of its parts.

The advice in the headshot section apply but there is more room for expression and being fashion forward. Modeling and print is about your entire outfit and how it fits together. From head to toe your entire outfit must flow in an interesting and artistic manner which looks like it could have come out of a magazine. We will help put together outfits but we need interesting options to work with. Having layers, textures, and strong choices will only make your portfolio better. Remember, modeling and print photographs are full body and include the top, bottom, shoes, and accessories.

Accessories for modeling and print photography are a must so please bring plenty of options.

Most modeling portfolios require looks which fall under the following categories:

  • Casual/Lifestyle (American Eagle, Gap, PacSun, Abercrombie)
  • Dressy (Zara, Banana Republic, Bebe, Armani)
  • Fitness/Swimsuit/Body (Nike, Speedo, Victoria’s Secret)
  • Corporate/Business Casual (Kenneth Cole, Anne Taylor)
  • Personality (Whatever style or clothing makes you unique)


Hair & Makeup, Payment, Parking and Rescheduling

Whether you are a male or female, professional makeup and hair styling is extremely important for photography. Makeup for photography is much different than everyday makeup due to many factors, such as lighting.

Please Arrive with:

If you hired in studio Makeup & Hair:

  • Clean skin (all makeup removed) 
  • Clean hair (camera ready, styled as normal)

If you are doing your own Makeup & Hair:

  • Please arrive camera ready. We allow a 15 minute transition between looks if you are changing your makeup or hair.

Parking and Arrival:
We ask that you arrive on time and not before your scheduled appointment. Make sure to be well fed and feel free to bring snacks!
Our studio is located across the freeway from Universal Studios. Please find parking within the complex, marked guest parking. If all of the spots are taken please  find metered parking on Cahuenga Blvd.

Your balance is due at the time of your photography session. We can’t take checks, installment plans, or IOUs. As much as we like you, cash and credit are the only acceptable payment options at this time. There is a 3% surcharge for using credit cards in person and 4% over the phone.
Once your payment has been processed  – it is non-refundable.

An online gallery of your images will be available 10 business days after your shoot. We pay for the first month and ask that you download the images. We recommend having us host your gallery for one year so that you always have an online backup. The cost for one year of hosting is $40.  Retouching may be purchased after the shoot or by calling the studio. We offer a standard retouch for $75 and a deluxe retouch for $115 per image. Our turnaround time is generally 10 business days but cannot be guaranteed because each image requires a different amount of retouching. By sending us your files for retouching you are agreeing for Michael Roud Photography to use our artistic discretion. Customer satisfaction is not guaranteed and we do not provide refunds once the work has been performed on our photography or retouching.

The deposit is non-refundable. We do understand the changing nature of this business. Therefore we allow each client one reschedule with his or her deposit, as long as we are notified seven business days prior to your shoot.

Any further rescheduling requires an additional deposit. Please don’t be a no-show. A no-show, without a call or email results in deposit forfeiture and it really sucks for everyone.  

There are no exceptions to these policies so please do not ask.



How much does a session cost?

To shoot with Michael, headshot sessions start at $695 for 2 looks. Each additional look is just $100.

Our MRP+ photographers start at $595 for 2 looks.

All bookings require a $250 non-refundable deposit to be paid by credit card or cash at the time of booking. The remaining balance is due the day of your photography session. There is a 4% surcharge for paying with a credit card over the phone and a 3% charge in person.


How Do I book?

Give us a call at 818.506.4700 or email us at info@michaelroud.com  and we’ll set you up.

 * We usually book between one and two months in advance so be sure to reach out to us as soon as possible!


What determines a look?

Our looks are based on a single background with a single wardrobe.
Our package pricing is based upon the number of “Looks.” Our “Looks” are defined by an outfit change, different background, lighting variation, and/or change in makeup/hair.
Each of our looks provides you with 80 – 120 color corrected hi-resolution jpeg images.

Do you Shoot Digital or Film?

We shoot digital in Hi-Resolution Camera Raw format. We convert them to the highest resolution JPEG format.

How do I pay?

In order to secure a session, we require a deposit of $250. We accept credit cards and in-studio cash deposits. There is a 4% surcharge for using a credit card over the phone and a 3% charge in person. Higher priced sessions may requirer larger deposits. Call our studio line for more details 818-506-4700

How do I receive my photos?

An online web gallery is available 5-7 business days after your session for one month. Hosting for a year is $40. 

Do you provide hair and makeup?

We have a team of hair and makeup artists available for you at our studio. They are some of the best in the industry and come highly recommended.
On-Camera makeup is different from everyday makeup and thus each artist that we work with has been chosen by Michael based on their skill set. 
Please call our studio for pricing.


Meeting with Michael

If it were up to Michael, he would meet with each of you individually for coffee or drinks . . . but his assistant would go crazy!
Michael spends time with each client at the beginning of their session to 
get a deeper understanding of their journey and what they need out of their session in order to take their careers to the next level.
For special meeting requests, feel free to contact our studio at 818.506.4700 

What should I wear?

Upon booking your session, we will gladly send you an email that gives you all of the wardrobe guidelines you need before your shoot. 

Should I get retouching?

We specialize in capturing the perfect photo straight out of the camera; however, retouching takes that perfect photo to the next level. Anything from stray hairs, wrinkled clothing, or blemishes can distract viewers from focusing on you. That being said, retouching will ensure that casting directors notice you every time rather than those few hairs that accidentally fell out of place. 

Can You Help Me Break Into The Business?

We do not provide meetings or agency referrals. We ask that you do your own due diligence and find the right fit for you.

what if I need to reschedule?

We allow one reschedule each deposit, as long as we are notified seven business days prior to the session. Another reschedule requires another deposit. 


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