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Changing the World without  a Word.

Our talented and passionate team is dedicated to making magic happen. We work with you in a warm, collaborative, and fun environment where we focus on understanding every detail of your journey and message in order to create the most authentic and visually compelling story.  From actors who are looking for their next breakthrough, to entrepreneurs who are struggling to understand their brand, to fortune 500 companies competing in the global economy, we work with the same intensity, focus, and drive.  The results are truly unbelievable.

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At MRP we believe that when you do everything with passion and commitment magic happens!


Create a Movement Without a Word.
Recognized as one of the top photography studios in LA, we specialize in people. From actor headshots, business portraits, album covers, fashion lookbooks, to global commercial and lifestyle campaigns, we are your one-stop shop.


Build Your Brand Without a Word.
Discover or rediscover your brand, from market analysis and conceptualization to execution and implementation across all platforms. We breathe new life and markets into existing brands and help startups and entrepreneurs create entirely new brands with the most captivating visual imagery and marketing.


Change Your World.
The most direct and impactful medium for sharing your company or brand story. From promo videos to full scale commercial productions, we create campaigns from the initial idea and script, to all aspects of production and delivery across all digital platforms.


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What a find. I run a multi-million dollar company and my job is to find and utilize talent. Without hesitation I can say that Michael Roud is truly a genius at capturing each persons inner-persona.

One of Hollywood’s top and most sought after photographers

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For the past five years I’ve counted on Michael to create visual images that are not only beautiful, but help my Clients increase their financial return, whether it’s a celebrity, clothing brand, Celebrity Chef or any other business, Michael Roud continues to deliver.

Amy Prenner
Amy Prenner
President, The Prenner Publicity Group
There is a story and energy that is present in all of his theatrical and commercial headshots and when an actor comes into my audition room, he or she is authentically what I expected.  Michael is able to intrinsically zero in on each actor and understand what makes them cast-able and that’s why he’s my number one choice.
Caroline Liem
Caroline Liem
Casting Director - ABC, CBS, Disney, Sony, WB

The guy is a genius behind the camera – I was new to acting and within a week I booked a Super Bowl commercial.  Each week I’m getting something bigger and better.  Just in the past few weeks I’ve booked State Farm, Boost Mobile, Fuji Film, Sofi Student Loan, Dave and Busters and Green Chef.  Anyone can get behind the camera but are they really going to capture “YOU”?  That’s what he does.

Larry Fields III
Larry Fields III

Michael’s pictures and branding work literally solidified my space within NFL Network.  New opportunities that I never imagined possible with the NFL and outside sponsorship keep opening up because of his pictures.

Lorena Takushi
Lorena Takushi
NFL Network Host - 1st Female Asian Host at the NFL

I’ve worked with a lot of of professional photographers over the years and Michael is hands down the best out there! If you want to take your brand or image to the next level, I highly recommend Michael Roud.

Brian Souza
Brian Souza
CEO, Productivity Drivers - New York Times Best Selling Author

Michael instantly pegged my “type” and he shot until we got the perfect headshot to represent me. I came away with great commercial and theatrical looks. I submitted myself for a commercial and booked it! Thanks for getting me in the door, Michael!

Sarah Elbert
Sarah Elbert

There is a depth and clarity in Michael’s work that I have never seen before. The work that Michael did for us changed the direction and future of our company and opened up new and exciting possibilities we truly never imagined possible.

Len Foley
Len Foley
CEO, Longevity Now - 5000 Fastest Growing Companies

The artistic and methodical approach that Michael Roud took in prepping for each photo and painstakingly getting the lighting and background perfect s crystal clear in each shot. The photos are simply mouthwatering and they have significantly increased our business.

Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz
Owner, IL Picolo Verde

Michael Roud

Owner, Lead Photographer/Director

A Lego boy, Michael used his visual talents to create amazing structures. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Michael moved to Maui, Hawaii, where he ran a media department at a youth center, creating surf and skate movies which aired on local television. In his mid-twenties, with Maui’s beauty surrounding him, he realized the transformation power of telling stories through pictures and wanted to share these experiences with others through the world of photography. This became a pivotal point in his life where he realized he could change people’s perceptions and open their eyes to a world they have never felt before. This full-circle approach to photography and film was the springboard to start his own production company, leading to commercial shoots and documentary projects around the world. In 2008, Michael moved to Los Angeles and opened the Michael Roud Photography studio.

A Contributing Author to Backstage Magazine and a local CBS network expert, when Michael is not behind a camera, he spends his time in the community, speaking and mentoring at Universities such as UCLA and Pace. Michael is passionate about sharing his knowledge of visual branding and photography to help fellow artists thrive.

Michael Castillo

Sales Agent

Meet Mike C., a passionate individual with a deep-rooted love for the entertainment industry. His fascination with film and TV began at a young age when he watched “Jurassic Park” in theaters repeatedly, eventually owning it on VHS and watching the tape until it broke. While others kids played with building blocks, Mike honed his skills by creating miniature dino parks with Velociraptor and T-Rex figures, capturing it all on a camcorder.

This childhood passion eventually led him to pursue a career in the entertainment world, aspiring to be the next Chris Pratt after moving to LA. However, when he’s not perfecting monologues or at a dino museum, he’s managing the studio at Michael Roud Photography. Feel free to reach out to him to book your next headshot session! Who knows, maybe you two will star in the next Jurassic World alongside Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard! 

Justin Powell

Recommended Photographer

Justin Powell is an award-winning actor and director with five years of experience as a headshot photographer. Specializing in actor headshots, he understands what motivates actors and captures their best looks. His recent acting credits include “Rolling,” “Not Another Midsummer,” and the series “Outli(a)rs,” which premiered at HollyShorts. With co-star roles in “Bosch: Legacy” (Amazon) and “Wild West Chronicles” (NBC/Peacock), Justin’s industry experience and training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts make him the perfect choice for actors seeking to achieve their best look in headshots.



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