If you’re looking for an LA music headshots photographer, or someone with extensive experience with album covers, music photography or celebrity photos, you should be speed dialing Michael Roud Photography. We love working in a creative environment. Our studio works with record labels and artists conceptually and on a creative level.

What do we do? We shoot images for album art, album covers and everything else musicians need to tell their songs and lyrics through images. As one of the most respected music photographers in Los Angeles, we handle all types of music. We can do the traditional rock star look or capture an artist as the beautiful jazz sensation they are.

We also do more natural looks and indie labels as well, so whether you’re looking for an edgy look or a more traditional image, we can make it happen.

As one of the most in-demand Los Angeles music photographers around, we’ve worked with some of the greats, including b.O.b. Jesse McCartney, Junior Reed, Ashley Angel Parker and Eric Benet. We look forward to adding you to our wall of stars!

How to Help Los Angeles Album Cover Photographers Find You

We understand many musicians and artists think in terms of lyrics and songs. However, to capture an album’s mood or a band’s image visually, there are a few things artists can do:

  • Think about what you want and what image you want before the shoot.
  • Consider interesting wardrobe choices that work together and show your style and feel.
  • Work with a wardrobe professional or let Michael Roud Photography recommend a wardrobe stylist so you look like the star you are.

Even if you’re shopping around for a Los Angeles music photographer and don’t have these things in place, it’s no problem. Michael Roud Photography has worked with many artists, and as a top album cover photographer in Los Angeles we have lots of ideas, lots of locations, lots of backgrounds and lots of ways to bring out your creativity.

You take care of the music. Let us take care of the photos! We can brainstorm together to make sure we create the look you want. Whether you’re a jazz artist, power metal band, country music artist, jazz musician, instrumental or classical artist or inhabit another genre entirely, our photos can reflect your star power.

Our goal is to show off not just your look, but also the sparkle that makes you unique. The industry professionals looking through your demos and headshots see hundreds or thousands of them a day. The music lovers who are looking at your cover art for album art see tens of thousands of artists trying to make it big. You deserve to make it, which is why hiring top music photographers in LA is a smart move.

Michael Roud Photography is here to make sure your album is the one that makes industry insiders pick up the phone to make the call that moves your career forward. We’re here to make sure customers are excited to pick up your album when they see art and photography that perfectly reflects your music.

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