Michael Roud Photography can shoot a variety of lifestyle photos for your brand campaigns, portfolios and other uses. If you’re looking for lifestyle photographers in LA, contact Michael Roud Photography to get in touch with the best.

We don’t just offer lifestyle photography in Los Angeles — we offer real results. We love lifestyle photography because it’s all about the emotions that the picture shows and it’s naturalistic. We love that lifestyle photography isn’t just about beautiful people or products, but instead works to convey something deeper.

For us, lifestyle photography is about telling a story, and we work with you to make your narrative come alive. We shoot brand campaigns, portfolios and other lifestyle photos, so we can deliver on the exact message you want to send.

What Do Lifestyle Headshot Photographers in LA Offer?

Lifestyle photographs often include:

  • Business or professional photographs
  • Leisure photographs depicting relaxation
  • An upscale or elegant look, often a cocktail look or some other sophisticated environment
  • Family photos, including mom and dad photos or parent and child photos
  • Hipster or bohemian photos
  • Fun photos

With a good Los Angeles lifestyle photographer, the sky is really the limit. We prefer doing our shots on location so they have an easy-going feel and look more naturalistic. Natural environments give the shots context and tell the story you’re trying to tell. Natural light also looks terrific in lifestyle photos.

We know the best locations in Los Angeles and in the surrounding area, so we can find a look that really works for you.

Making Lifestyle Photos Work

Wardrobe is really important for making lifestyle photography work. Natural and attractive fashions that aren’t overly “done,” but which really express your personality, are a great choice. Classic pieces that won’t look outdated too soon are also good options.

It’s also important to work with Los Angeles lifestyle photographers who can really capture your look. Whether you want photos for a modeling portfolio or you’re launching a marketing campaign, your needs will be significantly different. You want someone who will listen and has the know-how to really make it happen.

Michael Roud Photography is trusted by major studios, talent agencies and management companies. We understand what it takes to set a mood and story and to capture it with a camera.

Lifestyle Photography 101

If you’re a model interested in commercial print, agencies will want to see some commercial print photography in your portfolio. Commercial print agencies really want to capture a genuine connection with these types of images, so it’s important that they feel extremely natural. If you want to put together a modeling portfolio with these types of photos, a half-day or full-day shoot would be ideal, as it would allow you to travel around the area and get some great shots in different lighting.

A lifestyle photograph could be something as simple as two parents together with their children looking at something or cooking together. Lifestyle photography can capture anything in everyday life. You can show someone working, relaxing or hiking. Lifestyle photography is all about a feeling that we want to express.

When people look at lifestyle photography, we want them to relate to it and to say, “That could be me.” Capturing a look that doesn’t seem too posed or artificial is an art, and Michael Roud Photography can help you capture that artistry in a lasting photograph.

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