Remember that typical movie line “It seems like yesterday?” Yeah, about that. If that’s the expression that comes to mind when you ask yourself if you should update your LA headshots, then you’re more than overdue for a new headshot.

If it doesn’t come to mind? Well, you’re not out of the woods yet. While some things may never go out of style, we can’t say the same for your headshots. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Shifts in Headshot or Fashion Trends

When an agent views your headshot, you don’t want them to say, “Where have you been?” This could happen if your black and white headshot makes them think you haven’t auditioned since 2004. A headshot that recalls a tired and now, retired, trend is not a good look.

The same goes for fashion. That’s why photographers recommend choosing a look, as well as makeup, that’s more timeless and less trendy. So, if you’re rocking the dark lipstick shades of the ‘90s, please update your LA headshots.

  1. Changes to Your Look

Revitalized your look with a haircut? Changed hair shades with a dye job? Celebrated another birthday? If you answered yes, then it’s time to get your headshots retaken. Nothing aggravates casting directors — and even your agent — more than calling you in based on your headshot, only to discover that you’ve changed by choice or with age.

If you want to switch up your look, that’s fine! The catch is that you need to update your headshots afterward. Otherwise, you’re going to be wasting not only your time, but also the time of casting directors by going to calls that you may not qualify for with your new appearance.

  1. Calls to Less-Than-Ideal Jobs

Getting called to play the nerdy friend when you’re aiming for the moody love interest? Is no one calling at all? A lot of times this is related to your calling card — your headshot.

Many agents will tell you that this is when to update your LA headshots, because not only is it costing you the work you want, but you’re also not getting any work at all. Regroup with your agent and photographer to find what you need to change, from wardrobe to makeup, to see a difference in your casting calls.

  1. Requests From Your Agent

If you have an agent like Bebe Glazer from “Frasier,” they’ll always be looking out for your interests — whatever the cost. That may mean giving you some tough love, like recommending you update your LA headshots.

Getting new headshots is more than just taking a photo and going on your merry way. It’s about snapping a photograph that’s going to get you not only callbacks, but also the jobs that you want. They’re your stepping stone to achieving your wildest dreams. So, choose the best in the industry. Hint — that’s us.