What if having the career of your dreams was as simple as paying 3 easy payments of $19.95?

Imagine being put on display as a new product for sale in an infomercial. Billy Mays is to your right as he spits out an obnoxious sales pitch before proceeding to repeat a one eight hundred number for the twenty-fifth time. What would he say about you? How would he sell you to potential buyers?

What if those buyers were actually the casting directors or agents that you wanted to impress? How would you proceed to sell yourself to them? As an actor myself , I have struggled with this very question for years. It wasn’t until I began observing the techniques of successful actors in the MRP studio that I finally discovered the secret to successful actor marketing: honing in on your “zero casting” ( You might be wondering , what’s zero casting?  Your zero casting is the role casting directors know you can play without fail based on your innate look / personality ) .

In a world full of Slap Chops , Squatty Potties, Snuggies , and ShamWows , I had no idea what product I was at face value. My headshots did not represent me in my own true light and when I entered the room for the auditions I was called in for, I never booked the role. I was so busy trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and book roles as the “girl next door” that I never realized I could have been booking consistently as the smart “Juno” type of girl instead.

Yes, as actors we all want to go big and transform into challenging characters, but this freedom will come to us in due time. If you look at Matthew McConaughey at the beginning of his acting career, he would consistently book roles as the air head, pretty boy. Matthew took full advantage of his “zero casting”, used it to sell himself, and built the foundation for the extremely successful career he has today. Now, he can be seen hitting the big screen hard with large transformational roles such as Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club and Cooper in Interstellar. The same could be said about countless other actors such as Seth Rogan, Rooney Mara, Steve Carell and someday even you. No matter what your “zero casting “ is, embrace it and watch as you become the Billy Mays of your acting career. However, do us all a favor and keep your nose out of the Oxi Clean. . .