Being an actor is hard work, and the job description doesn’t stop at acting. Actors must audition, network, memorize lines, and keep an appealing appearance, all while staying calm and taking care of life’s everyday tasks. Most actors manage to fit in a side job to pay the bills, too. It’s a hectic schedule!

That being said, there’s one more to-do you should add to your list: marketing. The more people who know you exist and like what they see, the better of you will be. Here’s three essentials to start marketing yourself as an actor.

  1. Headshots

Your talent speaks for itself, but it’s your professionally captured face that opens doors in the industry. Your headshot is more than a calling card for agencies and auditions. It’s a preview of how you look through a lens, and it’s your first professional photoshoot as an actor. It’s also the best Facebook profile picture you could ever ask for.

When considering headshot photographers or studios, you need to know their clients have seen career growth since working with them. Great headshots actually look like the real person in front of the camera while highlighting their best smile or facial feature. Do your research and pick a photographer that has a record of success.

  1. Social Media

Not looking like your headshot and not caring what you post on social media are two of the five biggest career killers for young actors. Social media is a dirty window to life; you choose how the world perceives your existence and leave the less exciting stuff out. It’s never too soon to start using Facebook, Instagram, and other networks like a professional: discussing relevant topics, sharing career updates, promoting a cause to support, etc. The more active you are and the more time you put into your online presence, the more people will notice.

The internet is a useful tool for networking, too. Rather than just seeking followers, be a follower. Follow hashtags, industry leaders, casting directors. Chat with and get to know other creative people in your field. Hashtags like #actorslife, #casting #igotbooked, #setlife, and #actor can help you find like-minded people and put yourself in front of those people.

  1. Website

Whether you just moved to Hollywood yesterday or have been in town for years, you need a website. Even a one-page site to host your demo reel is better than nothing, but real professionals try to include every important detail on a full site. The important details are your resume, reels, IMDb / social links, biography, headshots, and contact information. You can build your own website easily using Moonfruit or Weebly, or go with a professional to design your website for you.

The three essentials for marketing yourself shouldn’t come as a surprise. You’ve probably heard them before. It’s important to act now if you haven’t already. Begin marketing yourself today and you could book a new gig next week.